Humanists of the San Joaquin Valley

Putting people first since 1977

HSJV aims to promote and develop a wider support of Humanism. We do not identify ourselves with any particular political party or with any economic ideology, nor do we publicly take a position on legislation or projects which are not directly related to our goals. Individual members, however, are encouraged to develop their moral concepts and to act on their convictions.

Our aim is to facilitate the application of the scientific method of evaluation to all levels of living; to avoid binding dogmas and static creeds; to search for facts rather than authorities; and to concern ourselves with discovering the good life on this earth.

“Our primary purpose is to establish an organization that will serve the Humanists in our community with social and educational activities related to Humanism. Other purposes include promoting Humanism in our community, educating the public about Humanism, and applying the principles of Humanism to improve our community and society in general.”

We are affiliated with the American Humanist Association.  We are not affiliated with the Unitarian Universalists.  They are kind enough to provide us with a place to meet.